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If you are interested in buying a bulk of the prints you find in the print shop then please feel free to contact me on 0787 500 4063 or alternatively via email at [email protected].

As a small independent online shop 'wholesale' prices is a little misleading as I am only a small shop that prints stock in smaller quantities compared to the larger chain stores etc. But I offer a competitive price on the prints for you to buy in bulk.

I only offer the A3 and 30x 40mm prints at discounted price. And the details are as follows.

10 prints = £20.40 a print / £204 overall

20 prints = £19.20 a print / £384 overall

30 prints = £18.00 a print / £540 overall

40 prints = £16.80 a print / £672 overall

*all prices include VAT

Of course this can be negotiable so do let me know and hopefully we can work a cost structure out for you and your shop.